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Lobotomy Trailer


Crooked Necks - Streets
with Teeth music video

Brobdingnagian - Nervous
Twitching in the Sickness
of Life music video

Toil - Moth with Fractured
Wings music video

Falling in the Ouroborus

Diseased Peasant - Everything is in your head
but no one is there to
Respond Promo

D|L|C :: A Dot A Line
A Circle

Diseased Peasant -
You Don't Believe in God?
Doesn’t it get Lonely
without the Voices
in your Head? Promo

This a experimental/avant grade animation I did recently. I had been experimenting in new ways of expressing the idea of how one object or idea can take on different forms by viewing from different perspectives. Slowly I broke down the visualization of that and breaking it down to a minimalist form. Simply taking it down to how a circle [an Ouroboros] if placed in a three dimensional space, than from three perspective can take on three very different distinct forms. Those three most basic forms being the dot, the line, and the circle. These three forms are the basic in the visual construction of new forms. Be it written, organic, architectural, or even theoretical. The soundscape for the piece is meant to be a dark primordial pulsing sound to invoke the sense of the creation from the void and the start of all form and structure. [length 0:57]