Jeff Scott Lane

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Who is Jeff Scott Lane?

Jeff Scott Lane is an artist, writer, and musician from
Virginia. His poetry, photography, and collage art have
been in publications. He has worked with clients in a
range of ways from flyers & posters, logos, album
layouts, indie zine layouts, video editing & shooting,
and band photo shoots.

Why "Voices Drowned by Helevtica"?

Coming to the end of college
as we worked on our resumes,
business cards, and cover letters,
one common theme became clear.

An identity crisis
or maybe
the lack there of identity.

We had all spent the first year
in the art foundation program
trying to find out who we were as artist
and somewhere along the way
it was like we had forgot.
It became solely about what others wanted
us to make and us drowning out our own voices.

Then came discussions about
the role of the graphic designer
and if we were artist anymore,
if everything had already been done
and there was nothing new to design,
if the only font needed was Helvetica,
how Warhol described himself
and his work as something robotic.
In hindsight some of that now
seems like foreshadowing the coming
of AI art & writing.

The use of Helvetica
became a cornerstone
of many of these discussions.
Helvetica became the iconography
of the absence of the artist.

I do think the graphic designer is an artist.
I don't think everything has already been done.
I don’t think there is just one font, one layout for all.
I don’t think what we do can ever be automated or mechanical.