Jeff Scott Lane

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Coffee People Zine Issue 19 [2022]

  Five poems “Constellations”, “The Slow Burn”, “Unseen Miracle
  Perform in an Ole Church Parking Lot”, “No other Passenger
  but Death”, “Drinking Nigori Alone out on Snowy Nights”

So it Goes Issue No. 10 [2021]

  The poem 'Improbable Heavens'

What Rough Beast COVID-19 Edition [2020]

  The poem 'Nothing Left Here but the Ghost'

High Shelf Issues XVIII [2020]

  The collage art piece 'What even are Thou?'

High Shelf Issues XVII [2020]

  Six pieces of collage art, 'On the Other Side of Doors',
  'Every eye a Thought Every Tooth an Instinct', 'Pareidolia',
  'Prosopagnosia', 'What even are Thou?', 'Your own hands
  at your own Throat'

The Esthetic Apostle November Issue [2019]

  Five untitled photographs