Jeff Scott Lane

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Jeff Scott Lane


Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design May 2009

Professional Artist Experience

Freelance Graphic Design 2005 to present
Selected clients include:

Borders | Fairfax, Virginia
Designed flyers and handouts for local events and
book signings at the Fairfax store.

Pins & Cathedral Bells Zine | Granite Falls, North Carolina
Designed the layouts for issues two and three, each of
which was fifty six pages. Illustrated multiple stories
and essays with own photography and images.

Obitus | Gothenburg, Sweden
Designed the packaging for their album ‘The March of the
Drones’ released by the label Eerie Art Records. This
included a twenty eight page booklet with all the lyrics.
Designed the image used on the back of the hoodie in
alignment with design themes in the booklet.

Brobdingnagian | Fairfax, Virginia
Edited together a music video for their first album ‘Demo
2007’. Utilized old archive footage to have a Dadaism
found art feel. Shot promotional photos for the band with
the intent of never showing their faces.

Crooked Necks | Abingdon, Virginia
Shot promotional photos of the band. Filmed and edited
a music video for them. Shot during the course of three
days with one camera.

Songs of Liberation | Los Angels, California
Edited together footage shot by Scott van Dort of Songs
of Liberation to create an abstract but somewhat narrative
series of videos for him to compose original music to.

Toil | Abingdon, Virginia
Went around the woods and forest of Virginia looking for
various insects to film. Footage for this was all a matter
of being at the right place at the right time. In the end
it became about looking at the movement and strife of
those insects in their environment. Culminating in the end
the struggle between a cicada and cicada killer wasp.

Don’t Feed the Trolls | New Jersey
Started by creating postcards to be handed out at
conventions to promote the documentary. Starting with
that I developed the idea of how to use original old
green and black computer screen style visuals, iconography,
and fonts to show outdated views. Later I also redid the
website to go with this visual style.

Professional Non-Artist Experience

Barnes & Noble | Fairfax/Ashburn/Tysons, Virginia
2011 to 2013, 2015 to 2019
Receiving Lead | Receiving Manager | Cafe Manager

Dicks Sporting Goods | Fairfax, Virginia
2013 to 2014

Borders | Fairfax, Virginia
2009 to 2011
Department Lead | Inventory Supervisor

Technical Skills

Proficient in the following software:
After Effects

Non-software skills:
Digital Photography
Block Printing


Coffee People Zine Issue 19 2022
Poems “Constellations”, “The Slow Burn”, “Unseen Miracle
Perform in an Ole Church Parking Lot”, “No other Passenger
but Death”, “Drinking Nigori Alone out on Snowy Nights”

So It Goes Issue X 2021
Poem "Improbable Heaven"

Indolent Books: What Rough Beast—COVID–19 Edition 06.24.2020
Poem "Nothing Left Here but the Ghost"

High Shelf Issues XVII & XVIII 2020
Six collage art pieces in XVII. One collage art piece in XVIII

The Esthetic Apostle November 2019 Issue
Five Untitled photographs


Icograda World Congress Beijing, China, 2009

Juried Annual Student Exhibition Virginia
Commonwealth University, 2009

Annual Senior Show Virginia Commonwealth
University, 2009

Additional Education

Jean-Benoît Lévy, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2009
Participated in a four-day workshop to design an
international campaign promoting AIDS awareness and safe
sex. Partnered with another student to develop a poster
and thirty second video. The campaign was sponsored by
the Ukraine Red Cross Society.